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AS Industries secures the transport and delivery of your products, directly to you!

To meet all your needs, AS Industries offers you a complete range of transport and delivery options, thanks to its Logistics service.

Depending on your products, AS Industries offers you 2 transport methods:

By air, for lighter or less bulky parts (< 150 kg).

2 transport methods:

  • Standard, less than 10 days,
  • Express, less than 3 days.

AS Industries tracks your products along the way through real-time package scanning.


By maritime shipping, for heavier or more bulky parts (> 150 kg).

Shipping in 4 to 6 weeks depending on the port of departure and the method used:

  • Full container load,
  • Less than full container load.

AS Industries tracks your products and controls routing through:

  • Confirming the ship reservation and departure,
  • Arrival notification of the goods at the port.

Because simplifying your purchases is paramount, AS Industries manages all stages related to handling and clearance of your parts no matter what transport method you choose.

Whatever the type of shipment, all your products are routed to AS Industries.

Before each delivery is accepted, the quantities are checked and your parts are inspected.

When it comes to our transportation providers, whether you need a simple or more complex service in France as well as internationally, AS Industries has the solution.