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AFAQ ISO 9001 Certification
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First of all, 2 years ago we were looking for a provider to allow us to have new Asian sourcing.
We wanted to place orders with a French company, without having to worry about everything to do with international trade (shipping, customs, monitoring the value of the dollar, time periods, quality control, on-site manufacturing, etc.)

The 1st meeting with AS Industries at SiB was a very good contact with quick follow-through, including interesting offers (the price of moulding and parts) on a plan document. So, the responsiveness and the economic interest were there.

The only thing left to do was test the quality of the service and the tracking of our supplies, first with parts in die cast aluminum. The first samples we received were good quality and were followed by orders. The first deliveries had no problems.

We then developed other aluminum castings, followed by a test on plastic injection parts that also proved to be successful.

This year, a cast stainless steel part completed our partnership with AS Industries, without any unpleasant surprises.

Some aluminum pieces have even been improved, with a contribution of technical solutions, including a proposal for a different metal which was completely satisfactory to us.

New parts are being studied and some will surely be developed with AS Industries.

Work is currently underway to further improve the service, with delivery packaging in plastic containers, which would prevent the various handling at SiB.

Finally, so nothing is left out, our direct contact at AS Industries has followed our file perfectly since day 1, and our various conversations and interviews are extremely valued by SiB’s different departments.

  • M. A
  • SiB Sales Department
  • Business sector: manufacturer of gates and fences
  • Customer since 2013

We were faced with pressure from our customers, so it was necessary to reduce our manufacturing costs. We are a company positioned for export (60% of sales) and our competitors often benefit from exceptionally low production costs. To become a leader, we chose two major axes: first, industrial innovation. This is what characterizes our French SME in the world. We have also entrusted part of our supplies (brass, cables...) to A.S. Industries. Our purchase prices for these items have dropped by as much as 20%! Certified ISO 9001, we cannot take any risks with respect to our customers, the rigor of AS Industries has won us over.

  • M. R
  • General Director WorldCast Systems
  • Business sector: manufacturer of broadcast solutions for radio and TV
  • Customer since 2008
Worldcast Systems

Thanks to an available, responsive team, ASi offers us reliable cost reduction solutions.
So we benefit from the know-how of manufacturers from “low cost countries”, while relying on the quality commercial support of ASi. Since the beginning of our collaboration in 2008, we have noticed improved time and quality of deliveries (flatness of shields).

  • M. B
  • Business sector: Electronics Subcontractor
  • Customer since 2008
Worldcast Systems

In searching for new suppliers for our tools, so that we can maintain a reasonable price for our customers, we solicited AS Industries.

The quality relationship established with AS industries allowed us to achieve this objective, while maintaining a good quality of products supplied.

  • M. H
  • Business sector: manufacturer of metrology tools
  • Customer since 2013

Maintaining jobs in electronic outsourcing in France is a real challenge. In a sector in crisis our procurement policy with AS Industries allows us to continue to grow. We are performing on global services today (subcontracting + PCB purchasing).

  • M. G
  • Business sector: Electronics Subcontractor
  • Customer since 2009

Confronted with a production capacity problem with our French subcontractor, at AS Industries, we found solutions allowing us to respond to activity peaks imposed by telecom operators, while ensuring a widely equivalent level of quality.