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AFAQ ISO 9001 Certification
AFAQ EN9100 Certification


AS Industries completes your printed circuit boards from the unit piece in the shortest time period.

Totally mastered technologies:

  • Single-sided PCB,
  • Double-sided PCB,
  • Multi-layered (4 to 24) made with FR-24,
  • Double-sided and multi-layered made with Teflon,
  • Class 1 to 6 PCBs.

A wide range of materials:

  • Teflon (Arlon, Rogers, Tacomic),
  • FR4...

A complete range of finishes:

  • Chemical nickel/gold,
  • Electrolytic nickel/gold,
  • HAL (ROHS), chemical Tin,
  • Passivated copper.


  • Electrical test report
  • Metallographic cutting
  • Weldability tests