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AFAQ ISO 9001 Certification
AFAQ EN9100 Certification

AS Industries operates with a strong commitment to the right of individuals and the ecology of our planet.

To become an official supplier of AS Industries, it is not only a matter of product quality and price, but also of ethics.

The AS Industries supplier Code of Ethics lays the foundation for a relationship between AS Industries and suppliers, based on equality, trust, respect for the right of individuals, respect for the law, and the sustainability of business practices.

To inspect our suppliers’ working conditions, we regularly conduct audits on their premises, at all levels of the supply chain. The audit is fundamental to our approach, but it is only the beginning of our work.

Imposing strict standards is not enough, we must ensure that these standards are respected every day.

AS Industries satisfies the demands of the European environmental directives ROHS and REACH.

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