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AFAQ ISO 9001 Certification
AFAQ EN9100 Certification

Our commitment: 100% quality

Our top-quality system is an indicator of how we operate on a daily basis:

  • Control over processes, from the initial sales offer to customer delivery, including research, beginning of manufacture, and production.
  • A policy of total quality, based on continuous progress in the ongoing improvement of these operational processes, with mobilization of all company services to satisfy customers with regard to time, compliance and cost.
  • Indicators to monitor process performance.
  • Annual opinion surveys, as well as polls and regular visits to customers to discover and learn about their expectations.

AS Industries has entrusted the certification of its expertise to international organizations who notice how well the company's quality assurance system works.
Therefore, all the activities contributing to a product’s development are officially ISO 9001 certified.

100% Qualité

Our main objective: customer satisfaction through Process Loyalty and Product Quality

Livraisons 100% Controlées

Our quality management system, based on a network of experts, guarantees the organization of our company.
AS Industries has a laboratory equipped with measurement and analysis tools.

Every day, our commitment to quality in the field leads to:

  • Highly qualified French and Chinese personnel
  • An elevated supervision ratio
  • Specialized suppliers who are all ISO 9001 certified
  • Objectives that are clear, monitored, and controlled