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AFAQ ISO 9001 Certification
AFAQ EN9100 Certification

Our measures and controls laboratory

Know-how and expertise developed for more than 10 years to meet the challenges of tomorrow.

Our laboratory has been developed over the years on a unique concept of service and perfection. With the strength of a team of engineers, we make sure your parts conform to your plans.

Our experts are united in the same concern for excellence and a passion for the services of measuring and controls. They are continually searching for safe and sustainable solutions to meet all of your projects and thus contribute to overcoming tomorrow's challenges. Immersed in the heart of cutting edge technology and attentive to new developments, our engineers guarantee quality and get involved with businesses of all sizes everywhere every day, where new challenges arise.

Trained in high level, technical challenges and concerned with respecting economic and time constraints related to each project and company, all our employees are supported by a structure and high quality CAD technological tools integrated into our design office.

Spirit of service: a structure dedicated to client satisfaction

A continual partner, our interventions begin before the project.

Our teams are mobile and available to support your projects, from the research phase through production, from design to production plans. AS Industries experts are able to assess, explain and interpret the results, accompany practical recommendations, and carry out tests to qualify materials, whether they are new or integrated into existing solutions. AS Industries is committed to offering this service within 24 to 48 hour in its laboratory or directly at your site.

Our control processes:

  • Validation of samples,
  • Inspection of parts before shipping,
  • Contrôle des pièces avant expédition.

A complete analysis report of measures will be provided for each service.

An experienced team
Every day, our quality engineers are committed to carrying out services with the utmost rigor for accurate results.

Certified ISO 9001, AS Industries is recognized for its respect to quality processes and professionalism. This performance and the 20 years of experience of its director have already convinced many manufacturers.

High-performance equipment

In our climate-controlled laboratory, our teams of highly skilled technicians master the best measure and control equipment, a guarantee of the quality and reliability of our services.

This match between people’s skills and top performing materials allows us to provide our know-how, coupled with strong responsiveness and close proximity.

AS Industries offers dimensional control services within its laboratory to validate your products and templates.

The laboratory integrates the following principal instruments for dimensional measuring, as well as material and environmental controls:

  • Profile projector - - - - ,
  • MAHR measuring column,
  • External micrometers on a wide range of measures,
  • Alesometer,
  • Roughness tester.

The laboratory is also equipped with an X-ray Fluorescence Analyzer, allowing for a quick chemical analysis of 37 elements identifying:

  • Light alloys - - - ,
  • Low alloyed steels,
  • Stainless steels,
  • Copper alloys, ...

Environmental measuring instruments:

  • Thermal chambers,
  • Vibrating tables, ...

The provision of measures includes a statement of the chemical composition and a report identifying the nuance measured.
This chemical analysis will then allow you to guarantee the material conformity of your parts.

This is done in the context of your most diverse applications:

  • Machining,
  • Injection,
  • Moulding of plastics and other materials.

Our expert partners in the area of control:

  • French Bureau of Metrology, specialist in dimensional control of mechanical parts,
  • Laboratory of controls, measurements and physico-chemical tests on all types of materials,
  • European partner of tests and radio control.