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AFAQ ISO 9001 Certification
AFAQ EN9100 Certification


AS Industries completes your small quantity projects of varying weights, from a few hundred grams to several dozen kilograms.

Our manufacturing processes:

  • Pressure injection (vacuum injection optional),
  • Sanding,
  • Lost-wax casting.

Our different types of materials:

  • Aluminum,
  • Steel,
  • Zamak,
  • Bronze,
  • Brass,
  • Cast iron (gray and ductile).

A complete line of finishes:

  • Cataphoresis,
  • Paint,
  • Phosphate conversion coating,
  • Others on request.

3D control equipment.
Physico-chemical control:

  • Control equipment for spectrometry
  • Physical control equipment (resilience / hardness)
  • Control equipment for material health (magnetoscopy, only for cast iron)

Measurement tools (caliper, interior and exterior micrometer, buffer, measuring rod...) Outils de mesures mécaniques (pied à coulisse, micromètre intérieur/ extérieur, tampon, pige...)