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Frequently asked questions

The following are the most frequently asked questions and answers in relation to the manufacture of your products. You can use the contact form below if you do not find the answer to your question.

Achats Sécurisés Industries
Unfortunately not, each item that we create is unique. However we will reply to any request as soon as possible.
Because each case is different, our product list includes small, medium or large series.
Buying directly has its risks, buying through AS Industries allows for us to take on these risks. AS Industries ensures the security of your purchase by working with Asian producers that are ISO 9001 referenced and certified and provides quality control in Asia and in France.
To meet your needs and also in emergencies, we know how to take charge and provide you with an efficient service. With our warehouse, we can manage a safety stock and anticipate production rates. Moreover, transportation is fully controlled through our logistics service.
To ensure the best benefits for you, AS Industries works with financial partners which allows us to provide you with French regulated conditions. Instead of paying for each order up front, we can provide you with a 30 day payment option.
We keep all the data in our system and can retrieve them at any time. The reference or your item # are sufficient for identification.
The time frame that we provide is for the delivery of the products to your location.