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AFAQ ISO 9001 Certification
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Consistent services provided in a timely fashion, at optimized costs

AS Industries is the expert for your industrial product purchases in Asia.

We provide our industrial customers with our technical expertise and our network of qualified Chinese suppliers.
Our sales engineers, familiar with the requirements of major contractors in an international context, share a corporate culture focused on customer satisfaction.

To do this, we place high priority on Process Loyalty and Product Quality.

First and foremost, AS Industries remains a source for:

  • Generating productivity and mastering the quality of services
  • Reducing operating costs and minimizing losses
  • Maximizing time for services

Because meeting your needs is essential,
AS Industries is there to help make your projects even easier.

We are here to guarantee you all the best of 2 cultures.
To secure your purchases, AS Industries guarantees:

  • the best prices,
  • quality services,
  • technical expertise order monitoring,
  • particularly short deadlines.

Simplify your purchases and save time by subcontracting with AS Industries.